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Once you have been prescribed CPAP therapy by your doctor, Quality Sleep Philippines has the expertise to help you find all the proper CPAP equipment for your obstructive sleep apnea needs. We carry a wide range of CPAP Products, sleep apnea solutions, and solutions for other sleep disorders:

CPAP Machines gently blow a prescribed level of air pressure through your nose and/or mouth to splint your airway open, allowing for comfortable breathing throughout your sleep and eliminating your obstructive sleep apnea. Learn more about our CPAP Machines.

CPAP Supplies keep your CPAP machine operating at optimal performance and proper maintenance and regular replacement of supplies guarantee the success of your CPAP therapy. This can include chin straps, headgear and other accessories. Learn more about our CPAP Supplies

CPAP Humidifiers and Tubing moisturizes the air delivered from the CPAP machines to increase comfort levels and reduce instances of dry mouth or throat. Some have heated circuits to maintain adequate humidity without rainout. Learn more about our CPAP Humidifiers.

Sleeping Aids are complementary products that help improve your sleep quality. We carry eye masks, CPAP hose holders, relaxing sleep music, oral appliances and more.

Light Therapy Solutions are a help positive healthy treatment for circadian rhythm disorders which can cause disruptive sleep. Light therapy returns your internal body clock to a proper 24-hour cycle to eliminate circadian rhythm disorders.